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Push for Equal Access to Child Support

The NSW Government will lobby the Federal Government to change the Family Law Act to ensure the children of lesbian couples are not denied financial support if their parent's relationship breaks down.

The issue of access to child support payments for lesbian mothers will be raised by Attorney General John Hatzistergos at this week's Standing Committee of Attorneys General meeting.
Mr Hatzistergos commended the Rudd Government on it's work to amend Commonwealth laws to remove the discrimination of same-sex couples, but said it was important the comittment extended to children in these families.

"This would compliment the introduction of NSW Miscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Act 2008 last month, which grants equal rights to children of lesbian parents who have conceived by artificial insemination," he said.

Now that NSW has taken steps to establish the parenting presumptions of mothers in same sex de-facto relationships it makes sense to have a system whereby children are protected if the couple splits.

"Under current provisions of Section 60H of the Family Law Act, co-mothers are not recognised as a legal parent in child related proceedings in the Family Court"

Mr Hatzistergos said amendments to section 60H were not part of the Federal Government's proposed same-sex reforms.

"It's important that we work togeather to ensure legal recognition is provided to all families and that the interests of all children have economic security regardless of family make-up," Mr Hatzistergos said.


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