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New jobs moving in to Geelong new CSA headquarters

Reference source: Geelong Advertiser

12 July 2007

New jobs moving in
By Kerri-Ann Hobbs

Up to 180 new jobs will be created in the next year when the Federal Government's Child Support Agency relocates to its new Geelong headquarters in Ryrie St, sources said.

The agency, which employs about 60 staff inside the Australian Tax Office building, is likely to occupy three floors in the new Harrison Place building.

It is believed the jobs boom was prompted by changes to child support payments expected to be implemented in July, next year.

Sources also said the building's design, position and available resources lured the giant government department to expand in the region.
CSA deputy general manager Samantha Palmer said
CSA looks forward to our new service centre in Geelong coming on line for the benefit of both our team and separated parents in the local community.

CSA has been recruiting more staff across Australia as part of the Australian Government's half-a-billion-dollar investment in Child Support Scheme reforms.
While Ms Palmer said it was too soon to reveal how many new jobs would be created in Geelong, it is believed the agency was preparing to embark on a recruitment campaign in the city.
Samantha Palmer said
Changes to the Child Support Scheme have opened the door to great career opportunities for top performers who want to make a difference to the lives of many Australian families.

The work at CSA is challenging, yet rewarding _ CSA attracts people who have a genuine desire to support parents and children of separated families.
Victorian Children's Minister Lisa Neville described the jobs boom as a bonus for region.

Victorian Children's Minister Lisa Neville said
This is an extra positive move forward for Geelong. These jobs pay well and it's good for the overall economy in Geelong.

It is really good to see for regional communities that both the state and commonwealth governments are looking to relocate parts of their business in these communities.

The new jobs, combined with the relocation of the Traffic Accident Commission and the Deakin medical school, would provide school leavers and university graduates with career opportunities in the region

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