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Government 2.7 Million funding delivers Free DVD for every new parent

August 20, 2007 - 12:24PM

Every new parent in Australia over the next two years will receive a free five-hour interactive DVD of parenting tips.

The federal government has contributed $2.7 million for the distribution of The Raising Children DVD, launched by Prime Minister John Howard, free of charge as part of parenting kits.

The DVD is a comprehensive guide to parenting children from birth to five years of age.

It covers all the basics about child health, development and care, as well as information about family management and available resources.

It features celebrities such as rugby retiree Phil Kearns, actor Russell Crowe, rugby league player Hazem El Masri and TV presenter Johanna Griggs, as well as everyday parents.

Everything on the DVD was reviewed by at least two childhood experts before being included.
Professor Lesley Barclay, one of the expert reviewers of the DVD said
The DVD content is of extremely high quality, having been developed in collaboration between a range of professionals and parents.

The content was adapted from the Raising Children Network website, the continued operation of which will be part funded by the $2.7 million federal grant.
Prime Minister John Howard said
The DVD would be a wonderful resource and good parenting was an issue that united all Australians.

Whatever our views may be on other things, there is a united commitment in the Australian community to the absolutely irreplaceable value in providing a secure and loving environment for every child that is born into this world

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