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General Manager CSA leaves a legacy

The General Manager of the CSA Matt Miller has confirmed he is leaving to a new position at the Australian Sports Commission.

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Matt Millar said
I will be leaving the Child Support Agency on Friday 8 May 2009 to tackle a new challenge at the Australian Sports Commission. My new appointment has been announced by the Hon Kate Ellis, Minister for Sport and Youth. Ive included a copy of the media release if youd like to have a read.
Matt Miller has been at the forefront of the massive reforms and delivery of a completely new Child Support system
Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia said
Matt Miller has been instrumental in opening up the CSA to external stakeholders, implementing a Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group (CSNSEG) and taking on board direct inputs from many groups to further enhance what is a complex Child Support System. The Shared Parenting Council has had numerous engagements with Mr Miller through various meetings and through his officers. It is with some regret we see his departure at this time as there is still much to be done but the Council must pass its most sincere appreciation to Mr Miller for the effort and work he has undertaken on our behalf.

Matt has listened to a wide range of concerns that have been brought to his and his department's attention and has implemented a number of suggestions, reforms and legislative amendments put to the agency over the last couple of years during the transition to the new system.

We wish him well in his future endeavours at Sport and Youth and trust that the Agency will maintain the close working relationship with the Shared Parenting Council, Lone Fathers Association and Dads in Distress
Prior to leading a successful three year reform of the Australian Child Support System, Mr Miller was the Queensland Commissioner for Fair Trading, working with both business and stakeholders to improve market outcomes.
Ms Ellis, The Minister for Sport said
Mr Miller has a proven track record of working closely and constructively with stakeholders to achieve improved outcomes for the Australian community

He also brings more than 30 years of experience in economic and social policy to the Commission and comes from a role managing 4,000 staff and an annual operating budget of more than $450 million.
Matt Miller sent out a release to many of the stakeholders that are working with the CSA covering a list of achievements and key deliverables made during his term at the CSA.
Matt Miller said
There is rarely a good time to leave a job such as the one I have had the privilege to have over the last four years - but it is time for me to move on - for me personally to take on new opportunities and for the Child Support Agency to have the opportunity that comes with a new leader taking the helm of this fantastic group of people who do so much to build a better Australia.
We have achieved a lot in the last three years and we are ready to tackle the emerging challenges as we continue the Child Support Agencys long standing tradition of being an innovative, resilient and strong performer able to cope with ever changing contexts. But for me perhaps the most significant outcome of our most recent reform journey has been the development of the reforms to Australian child support for the next three years. In my view it is a real measure of how well we have managed and are continuing to manage the changing world in which we operate that we continue to develop our future as an organisation.
Our commitment to delivering on our 'One Service Delivery' and 'Building a Better Family Law System' agendas over the next three years will not only provide further improved outcomes for separated families but will also give all who work in, with or for the Child Support Agency a clear understanding of where we are going, and why.  
It has been a great privilege to be the General Manager for the Child Support Agency over the last four years. I acknowledge your preparedness to give me a fair go and work in a constructive way through very significant change
Mr Miller said that he had met many wonderful people that he had the pleasure of working with.
Matt Miller said
I believe I leave the Child Support Agency in a better place than when I arrived and for me that is very important. Ultimately however that is a judgement for separated families, stakeholders, Child Support staff and the Government to make.
The Child Support Agency has been moving to provide a wide range of services including:

Advanced Telephony systems
Customer Services offers service and advice to customers with routine transactions.

Customers will be given more choice in how they do business with the CSA, including online access to important CSA services and self-help tools, via telephone through a national telephone network and in person at CSA offices. Reduced team sizes and referral of customers with more complex needs to Specialised Services. There are a wide range of new web based tools and downloads available and in development.

Staying Connected Program
A half day work place program helping parents deal with separation
The Staying Connected program is designed for companies with more than 12 employees. If you have less than 12 employees you may find ordering our publication 'Dealing with Separation"

Personalised Services
Personalised Services will provide staff with the space they need to deliver quality service. Specialised Services offers case management to new customers and those with intensive debt or unresolved issues. Customers receive a high level of specialised service, tailored to their individual circumstances. A CSA officer will personally manage their issues and guide them through the CSAs customer processes and external support services. Personalised Services offers intensive case management to customers with escalated and multiple issues. These customers receive personal attention, including outreach and face-to-face services. Their case managers will be accountable for helping to resolve issues for customers with the most complex or high need issues, and for guiding them through the CSAs customer processes and external support services.

CSA offices are located around Australia and services are distributed to provide tailored, local support for our customers through our new Service Delivery Model.

Web Infrastructure
Customers have access to information and self-help services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through CSA's website and our flexible, convenient online service. CSAonline enables customers to update their personal details, submit information or advise when income or care arrangements for their children have changed.

Information sessions
Detailed information sessions and personal appointment services are held across the country to help parents make informed decisions. The CSA's community information sessions also include legal, financial and parenting groups within the community. These sessions provide information about the Child Support Scheme and aim to help parents examine their options and make choices on how they can both be responsible for the financial and emotional well-being of their children. Parents can obtain personal appointments to address their own needs confidentially.

Mobile Services
To meet the needs of separated parents and parents thinking of separating right across Australia, the CSA contributes to mobile/outreach assistance, co-locates, where possible, with Centrelink's
extensive network of service centres, and refers separated parents to other appropriate services and support including Family Relationship Centres and the Family Relationship Advice Line. We recognise the emotional and financial strain separated parents experience and are proactively developing partnerships with key support providers including beyondblue: the national depression initiative.

CSA Strategic Plan 2008 and beyond

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