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Fathers Day: the contribution of separated dads

Fathers Day: the contribution of separated dads

In the lead-up to Fathers Day, the Minister for Human Services, Senator Joe Ludwig, has acknowledged Australias separated fathers who are building on their ongoing support of their children.

About 88 per cent of all separated parents paying child support are men and last financial year, separated dads paid $2.5 billion in child support, Senator Ludwig said.

Its important in the lead-up to Fathers Day to recognise those dads who provide the necessary financial and emotional support for their kids.

To those dads who meet their child support obligations on time and in full, I say thank you on behalf of the community and the Child Support Agency.

To those men who arent meeting their child support obligations, I urge them to reflect this Fathers Day and place their children at the top of their priorities. Its a sad fact that divorce and separation are relatively common experiences in Australia. It is vital that children affected by these events get the support they need and to which they are entitled.

The Child Support Agency has around 1.5 million dads and mums registered to transfer child support payments for more than 1.1 children. Last financial year a total of $2.82 billion in child support was transferred between separated parents for the benefit of their children.

The CSA has a range of support products to assist separated fathers in building stronger relationships with their kids.

CSAs free booklet Me and my Kids includes tips and hints to help parents build on their relationship with their children after separation, including: parenting from a distance, what to do when your kids come to stay, understanding your childrens behaviour, how to get on with the ex and, parenting together while apart.

The CSAs Community Services Directory has over 2,000 listings for organisations, including support groups for mums and dads. The Directory and free support booklets are available on the CSA website Booklets can also be ordered via 1800 040 972.

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