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CSA recommends Parenting Plans

Working out care arrangements

The child support formula recognises the care both parents have of their children. To make sure we have the right information about your and the other parents care levels, we recommend you make a parenting plan with the other parent.

Parenting plans are written plans that can include an agreement about the amount of time the children will be in each parents care. It doesnt have to spell out the exact arrangements for every night of the year, you can agree on what the care percentage will be.

Your plan will be unique to your circumstances and should be practical and simple. The kinds of things that you may want to include are who the kids will live with, what time the kids will spend with each parent and other people such as grandparents, how you and the other parent will share parental responsibility and consult about decisions, or what arrangements need to be made for special days such as birthdays and holidays.

If you and the other parent agree on the percentage of care, or where there is a court order, written agreement or parenting plan in place that outlines a care percentage, the CSA can consider daytime care, or a mixture of daytime and night time care, when working out your child support.

Our publication Me, My Kids and My Ex has a helpful guide about making parenting arrangements. For examples and more information about parenting plans visit the Family Relationships website or call 1800 050 321.

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