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CSA puts in place special flood team

On Friday the CSA set up a special flood assistance team that will assist those affected by floods and related issues. This team will deal with both Payer and Payee issues arising from the flooding and can involve detailed discussions resulting in short, medium and longer term arrangements. Many people will be affected in the area and the CSA will be able to offer referral details of other services who may offer additional services.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) Brisbane Office is temporarily unavailable due to the Brisbane floods.

CSA have also set up a  special number for Queensland Senators, Members of Parliament and their staff, and stakeholders to speak to liaison officers in the Child Support Agency where they have constituents or clients affected by the floods.

Customers with income or care arrangements who have been affected by the floods should call the normal 131 272 enquiries line as soon as possible. Customers calling from flood affected areas will be automatically directed to a Queensland Flood Assistance Team. In most cases, CSA can update child support assessments over the phone to reflect customer current circumstances.

Flexible arrangements may also be available to CSA customers with outstanding child support payments who live in flood-affected Queensland communities. Those customers should also contact 131 272 to discuss their circumstances as soon as possible.  

You can also check the CSA Website for general information.


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