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CSA new account statements imminent

New account statements have arrived.

Mr Brett Marchant and Ms Nalina Samuel from the CSA provided CSNSEG members in the November meeting with a final view and the delivery of the re-designed payer account statement planned to be released in late December.  Mr Marchant indicated that that the statements would be released by the end of year to early 2012.  

Mr Marchant advised that their team have tested the statement through the customer concept testing labs to review and provide feedback on the new statements and have also consulted with the Ombudsman regarding the quality of the new statements.  Ms Samuel & Mr Marchant noted that they would take the feedback back and answer any questions in relation to the statements.
Ms Philippa Godwin, at a meeting in November said
The payer account statement is in the final stages of testing.
The latest issue (December) of the "Child Support Matters" newsletter also says that the CSA has finished the extensive development work on the statements.

The CSA say that when you receive your new statement , you will see that it looks like a utility company and bank statement. You will find it is easier to read and follow - At a quick glance you will be able to find important information about your account including:
  • Payments
  • Overdue Amounts
  • Credit or Debit adjustments
  • Other charges
  • Amount to pay before the next statement is issued
Wayne Butler, Executive Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council said
There are many changes in the new design, and the new statement is certainly a monumental improvement. I think most CSA clients will be well satisfied with the work that has gone into this statement.

It has had many inputs and revisions after stakeholder meetings. The CSA has involved stakeholders extensively and reform groups have participated in framing the new statement. This forms just part of a major overhaul in documents that are sent to CSA customers. We can expect to see changes to a wide range of documents in the coming period that will make it easier to understand for both Payers and Recipients of child support.
Further testing is currently on going (Jan 2012) and a further announcement will be made as to when these will be released.


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