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Check your mate out - Disclosing a perpetrators' violent past

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Justice Troy Grant, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Pru Goward and Attorney General Gabrielle Upton today delivered on an election commitment by announcing Australia's first Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) and the locations of the pilot sites. The scheme will commence in four NSW Police Local Area Commands (LAC) from early 2016 in:
  • Oxley LAC
  • Shoalhaven LAC
  • Sutherland LAC
  • St George LAC
Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Justice Troy Grant said
Under the DVDS a person or a concerned third party, such as family, friends or agencies, can make an application to NSW Police for the disclosure of a person's violent offending history. This is about preventing people being kept in the dark about potential dangers in their relationships
Ms Goward said
Domestic violence is about power and control, it is commonly a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour. This is another tool that will empower people to make informed decisions about their relationships
Attorney General Gabrielle Upton said
The introduction of the DVDS follows extensive public consultation with government, non-government, specialist stakeholders, and a public discussion paper and roundtables
The NSW Government will invest $2.3 million in Police-NGO Partnerships for non-government organisations to provide specialist domestic and family violence support in the four pilot sites. These services will be offered to all primary persons subject of an application. The expert support services will work alongside Police during the disclosure process and will offer post-disclosure support.
Secretary SPCA said
If you are looking like getting into a relationship with someone you, family, and friends can now check out this persons history. This has been sold as a DVDS allows people to make informed decisions about their relationship and safety, to seek assistance or undertake safety planning.

The scheme will be piloted over two years in four areas in NSW and if successful, it could be rolled out across the state. The DVDS is similar to an initiative that was introduced in the United Kingdom called Clares Law. Other important notes are that the Police may disclose events and history when attending an event. Applications can be made to any officer on the street or at the local stations piloting the scheme
The NSW Government has released a discussion paper on the DVDS and encourages the community to provide feedback. At this stage the web site doesn't allow you to view the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Discussion Paper and provide feedback.


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