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Brisbane dad's desperate search for children

Brisbane dad’s desperate search for children

March 18, 2015 11:14am
Thomas Kurt Michael Speath, 4.

A BRISBANE father is desperately trying to find his two young children who he has not seen since their mother picked them up from his home in December.

The Federal Circuit Court has released photos of Thomas Speath, four, and Serena Speath, five, and their mother Jane Iluci Adare, 46, who has United Kingdom and Australian dual nationality.

The father is hoping a member of the public can help with information that could lead to the recovery of his children, who are likely to be in southeast Queensland.

His daughter Serena is extremely allergic to eggs and allergic to peanuts and carries an EpiPen auto injector in case of an anaphylactic attack.

A court statement said Thomas was particularly distressed to be leaving his father’s care when he was picked up by his mother at 5pm on December 5 last yearThe children and their mother may be in the northern suburbs of Brisbane or around Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, the court said.

However there were concerns that they may have gone to the UK.

“Obviously as time goes on it’s a bit distressing,’’ the children’s father Harry Speath, 58, said.

“It’s not knowing where they are, whether or not they’re being educated.’’

Mr Speath said he had already missed out on spending Christmas with his children and hoped they would be found before Serena’s birthday on March 29 and Thomas’s on April 27.

“I’ve got lots of presents for them. I’ve still got the Christmas tree up,’’ he said.

“Just not having them around is a bit difficult.’’

Mr Speath said Serena was an effervescent little girl who was a bit reticent around strangers, while Thomas was more laid back and practical.

“I’m just hoping somebody will recognise them from the photos and contact Crime Stoppers or police,’’ he said.

Queensland Education has confirmed that the children have not attended their school or been enrolled at any other school in the state.

The court statement said they could be travelling with a small white Chihuahua Pomeranian-cross named Pom Pom, possibly in a new vehicle.

The children are believed to be with their mother, Jane Adare.

The Federal Circuit Court issued a recovery order to State, Territory and Australian Federal Police on February 17, and has now allowed publication of photos and information.

Thomas Kurt Michael has short blond hair, blue eyes and is 117 cm tall.

Serena Lucia has short blond hair, blue eyes and is 115 cm tall and slightly built.

She has a missing upper right front tooth and her upper left front tooth is chipped.

Jane Adare, previously Leisa-Jane Felsman and born Leisa-Jane Allsopp, has light brown hair with some grey, but the court said it may have been died blond.

She has hazel eyes, a fair complexion and is about 165cm tall and weighs about 52 kilograms.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



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