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Viewing video: Minister Ronald Smith rocks Iowa in a very moving speech regarding a child's right to EQUAL time with BOTH fit parents after a divorce.

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Who is Ronald Smith

Minister Ronald Smith is the founder of Children Need Both Parents, Inc.  Ronald Smith has lit Michigan on fire and given the equal parenting rights movement a much needed boost of energy and passion.  Ronald Smith is also the author of the book "Cheated".

Unfortunately Minister Ronald Smith Has Passed - A Parental Rights Legend

Minister Ron Smith, A tragedy. Extremely sad news for all who knew this special man.  Minister Ron Smith was one of the best friends I have ever known.  Minister Ronald Smith passed away on Friday September 5, 2008 from a heart attack.  I am still very shook up from this news and will let our readers know more as soon as I get it.  He was such an incredible man and just recently brought the 2008 Million Man March to Michigan.  Minister Ronald Smith was also the founder of the National Fatherhood Summit and was one of the co-founders of the Family Preservation Festival.  Minister Ronald Smith was co-author of the book Cheated.  Minister Ronald Smith was the CEO ofChildren Need Both Parents, Inc.   Most of all Minister Ronald Smith was an amazing father and husband!

Minister Ronald Smith was actively involved with Michigan House Bill 4564 (shared parenting) and Michigan House Joint Resolution NN (2008) (Parental Rights)

My thoughts are with Ron and his family right now.

God Bless Ron - We ALL love you!  "My brother from another mother"
Robert Pedersen

From the Family of Minister Ronald Smith

Your Brother in Christ Minister Ronald Smith called Home to be with Yahweh

It is with a heavy heart, and deep sympathy, that I announce to you today that Minister Ronald Smith was called home to be with the Lord. Minister Smith passed away from an apparent heart attack on September 5, 2008.

We are currently making arrangements and would ask you to stand by for further communications with regards to a memorial.

Children Need Both Parents mourns the loss of it's founder and CEO. We praise God that Minister Smith finished all that God charged him with, and is re-united in Heaven with his son Richmond. We vow to press on with the vision God gave him. Everyone here appreciates your love and support through this most difficult of times.

May God continue to shine upon you.

Minister Ronald Smith believed in a proper accounting of God's resources. In our efforts to honor his memory, and honor his principles of stewardship, we humbly request that donations be sent in lieu of flowers. This will enable us to more effectively continue the work God began in him.

Official Announcement from Ronald Smith’s wife, Sherry Shabazz Smith:

Please be advised that there will be two services for Ronald Smith.

Many of you know that Ronald Smith passed away on Friday September 5, 2008.  Thank you for your kind thoughts, considerations  and prayers at this time.

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