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Family Relationships Online

Family Relationships Online provides all families (whether together or separated) with access to information about family relationship issues, ranging from building better relationships to dispute resolution.

The Australian Government provides funding to a wide range of agencies and services to help Australian families strengthen their relationships and to provide assistance during family breakdown and when families are separating.

The Family Relationship Advice Line (1800 050 321)

The Family Relationship Advice Line is a national non face to face service comprising of the following components:
  • anonymity and confidentiality
  • telephone information and advice
  • telephone and online dispute resolution service, and
  • telephone legal advice service
The Advice Line is available from 8am to 8pm (local time) Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm (local time) on Saturdays (except national public holidays)

Family Relationship Centres

Family Relationship Centres are a source of information and confidential assistance for families at all stages in their lives. Services are provided to all members of the community, regardless of religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, cultural background or economic circumstances.
There are sixty five centres funded by the Australian Government offering impartial services in a welcoming, safe and confidential environment. The centres have been established throughout Australia and provide information and advice on:
  • building and strengthening existing relationships
  • early intervention and prevention services
  • child-friendly services for families in conflict
  • family dispute resolution services
  • parenting plans
  • re-partnering and stepfamily arrangements
  • child-focused workshops and information and referral
  • child-inclusive workshops.
Family Relationship Centres offer a range of services and programs, which are aimed at families at all stages of their life, including people starting relationships, those wanting to make their relationships stronger, those having relationship difficulties and those affected when families separate. The Centres encourage separating parents to focus strongly on the needs of their children.
The Family Relationship Centres offer individual and joint sessions to assist separating families to create workable parenting arrangements for their children.  They also offer group information sessions and workshops on a range of practical topics to assist families.
All Centres work collaboratively with, and provide referrals to, a variety of other services, matching the needs of the family or individuals to appropriate services.
To find a Family Relationship Centre near you, click on the links below for contact details or search by location on Family Relationships Online.

Family Law Services

The Australian Government funds a range of services to help separating or separated families resolve their disputes without going to court. The services listed assist families dealing with personal and family issues or issues relating to the care of children during family separation and divorce.

Children’s Contact Service

These services enable children of separated parents to have safe contact with the parent who they do not live with in circumstances where parents are unable to manage their own contact arrangements. Children’s Contact Services provide a safe, neutral venue for the transfer of children between separated parents. Where there is a perceived or actual risk to the child, they provide supervised contact between a child and their parent or other family member. Parents may be ordered by a court to attend Children’s Contact Services to facilitate changeover or have supervised visits with their children.

Family Law Counselling

These services help people with relationship difficulties manage their issues to do with children and family during marriage, separation and divorce.
Clients of Family Law Counselling services include family members with intact relationships, separated families, children, extended family members, individuals, couples and significant others such as grandparents and kinship carers.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution services assist families to reach agreement and to resolve their disputes related to family law issues outside of the court system. These services assist separating families improve their post-separation relationships as well as improve people’s management of issues relating to separation and divorce. Clients may include grandparents and other extended family members affected by family separation.

Regional Family Dispute Resolution

Regional Family Dispute Resolution services assist families to reach agreement and to resolve their disputes related to family law issues, in particular child and property related matters, outside of the court system. Regional Family Dispute Resolution services may also include the provision of counselling and group work as part of meeting the needs of separated families in their community.

Parenting Orders Program – Post Separation Co-operative Parenting Services

The Parenting Orders Program – Post Separation Co-operative Parenting services help separated or divorced families who are in high conflict to work out parenting arrangements in a manner which encourages consideration of what is in a child’s best interests in establishing or maintaining relationships, while at the same time ensuring the safety of all parties. It helps parents manage their conflict, understand the effect their conflict is having on their children and to develop strategies to deal more constructively with each other and develop and manage parenting arrangements.
Parenting Orders Program – Post Separation Co-operative Parenting services use a variety of child focused and child inclusive interventions and work where possible with all members of the family. Family members, including children, can receive a range of services such as counselling, multi session or one off group work education or family dispute resolution.

Supporting Children after Separation

The Supporting Children after Separation Program supports children from separated or separating families who are experiencing issues with difficult family relationships. The services help children and young people deal with issues arising from the breakdown of their parents’ relationship and provide opportunities for them to participate in decisions that impact on them. The services provide a range of age appropriate interventions including individual counselling or group work for children. Services can also facilitate access to child inclusive practice as a component of family dispute resolution where assessed as appropriate.

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