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Court Cases / Judgements / Precedents


Significant and important judgments of the Family Courts in Australia are available here. The Austlii website (Australasian Legal Information Institute) also hosts searchable databases for the judgments of all Courts but a much easier way to locate key judgement material is to use our case and judgement tracker. In our advanced search functions you can search for judgements in a range of search categories.

We are focussing here on key judgements that you can use as supporting material in a court case, or see how particular judicial officers deal with the various complexities of family cases.

The judgements are selected carefully for their content and reviewed by our specialist moderators.

Our judgements moderator has spent a very considerable time compiling and setting out the key issues in the more important judgements so that you can quickly locate the relevant material.

Case Precedents
There are a number of cases that are considered important and provide precedent which is simply a decision made by a judicial officer, which may serve as an example for other cases or orders. The cases listed here are the main key precedent cases. For a complete list of cases that might be considered when providing a case outline or some argument or looking for judicial decisions by a judge please use the Judgements Search tool.

Family Court of Australia judgments
Judgments of the Family Court. A more comprehensive collection of Family Court judgments can be found at our Family Court of Australia Judgements page

Family Court of Western Australia judgments
Judgments of the Family Court of Western Australia. A more comprehensive collection of  Family Court of Western Australia can be found at our Family Court of Western Australia Judgements page

Federal Circuit Court of Australia judgments
Judgments of the  Federal Circuit Court. A more comprehensive collection of  Federal Circuit Court judgements can be found at our Federal Circuit Court of Australia Judgements page

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