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Counselling and Mediation… What's it all about?

Counsellors give advice and assistance to couples who are considering separation or who are finding it difficult to cope with separation. Counsellors can also help to resolve differences about parenting and may help resolve a problem without going to court.

Parents are strongly encouraged to resolve their differences through counselling before starting any court action.

A counsellor can help you to explore concerns you may have about your relationship and assist you to deal with separation issues and your children's needs. They can also help separated or separating parents negotiate arrangements for their children.

You may see a counsellor separately or with your partner, whichever you prefer. If counselling is voluntary then all discussions are private and confidential.

When the welfare of children is in question, the court can order the parties to attend a conciliation meeting with a counsellor, or request a counsellor to write a report for the court. This may happen if the matter is going to trial. A counsellor who has interviewed a person on a confidential basis cannot then write a report for the court.

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