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Airport Watch

You can apply to the Court for an order that:
  • prevents a passport being issued for a child
  • requires a person to deliver a child’s or accompanying adult’s passport to the Court, or
  • prevents a child from leaving Australia.
The Form
To place a child on the Family Law Watchlist, you must complete the form located on the AFP (Australian Federal Police Web site.

In addition, you will need to have:
• a Court order (which is made under s34 or s68B) and applied for under 67ZD "Order to deliver passports" or other parenting order that limits or prevents the child’s overseas travel and which also requests the AFP to place the child on the Family Law Watchlist;


• filed an appeal with the Court against an order of the Court relating to the child that limits or prevents the child’s overseas travel that had requested the AFP to place the child on the Family Law Watchlist.

For further information see the Family Law Courts' web sites or the AFP’s Family Law Kit. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM.

Failure to fully complete this form may delay the actioning of your orders.

The form is to be completed by a party, or their legal representative, in proceedings where a party is seeking to place a child on the Family Law Watchlist.

You MUST provide :
• a 24 hour contact number for yourself and an emergency contact;
• an email address; and
• a copy of the Orders or Application.

Once complete, the information contained may be made available by the AFP to the Marshal, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Australian & overseas law enforcement agencies as well as other State, Territory and Commonwealth Government agencies in order to facilitate the execution of your orders.

Legal Assistance
You may wish to seek legal assistance from a legal aid office, community legal centre or private law firm such as Rivera Legal.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can also contact your local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander legal service.

AFP staff can help you with questions about completing this form, but cannot give you legal advice Privacy The AFP collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information for purposes which are directly related to our functions or activities as set out in section 8 of the Australian Federal Police Act 1979 (Cth) and the Ministerial Direction, and only when it is necessary or directly related to such purposes.

The AFP is also subject to the Australian Privacy Principles as contained in section 14 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Please see the AFP Privacy Policy for information on how the AFP complies with its obligations.

In addition, section 121 of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) creates obligations regarding disclosure or publication of Court proceedings and related information. Police can only discuss specific family law matters with immediate parties to the proceedings, or their lawyer.

If you would like more information about section 121, you may wish to read the Family Courts fact sheet ‘Publication Orders and Section 121 of the Family Law Act 1975’ which provides further information.

URGENT matters
The Court has an out-of-hours service for emergencies: that is, there is a risk that a child may be taken out of the country before the next working day. Call the courts on 1300 352 000 out of business hours and you will be referred to this emergency number.

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