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Could this be a good enough reason for Change of Circumstance?

I am not receiving School reports and after some years I have found out that the child has significant learning issues. The mother of my child has care during the week and is stated to be the resident parent on the parenting order.

If school will not accept the court orders as being sufficient evidence that you are entitled to see the reports, use the complaints process available through the NSW Deptartment of Education.

My husband had been completely ignored by his son's school - they wouldn't even reply to personal letters sent directly to the head under recorded delivery.  My husband got the reports within the week!

Good luck with the getting proper help for you kid.
OK. The school reports can be sorted. But that's a side issue.

The problem here is that the Mother has not taken steps to ensure that your child has attained a satisfactory level educational development.

You need to take action to ensure that the situation is remedied… for your child's sake.

I believe your case has merit. But then again, that's just my opinion.

CCC said
… Either way tutoring will need to continue possibly all through school/high school.

The school has complained that the child misses remedial reading class being constantly late to school and misses whole terms of homework.Basically they said they tried everything but she just wont help (all unofficially of course).

The school is selectively cooperative with me and high school is not far away.
We know this matter relates to a private school but you have not said which State you are in and your profile does not have State showing. It would help to know what State you are located in to ensure correct State related information is provided.

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I can only assume that the necessity for the reports is to break the code of silence surrounding your child to further assist getting him the help he needs.

As Sec SPCA suggests, each state may well have a certain disclosure criteria they may need to meet and a half hour conversation with the relevant governmental department may well short cut the process.

Although I understand the need for a tutor to help in this situation, if the tutor is only at work at your home you are at the best urinating in the wind.

Though this will provide a good unbiased appraisal of where the child is at and what will be needed to best assist him.

Nail as much as you can on record from the sources you have and check with as many other governing bodies as possible and when you do find something out ask for the info in writing, something you can put on the table.

Nothing ventured…

All best CCC keep us up on how your doing.
Sorry for delay.With school holidays couldnt move to far with schools and now whole family has an awful cold so slightly delayed.

I live in NSW.

As I see it my next step is to try to figure out how my case fits in with Rice & Asplund
I would like to sort out as much as I can myself but I know i will need a lawyer.
I have come to the realisation that I cant get access to anything useful, without subpoenas. (such as attendance records stating lateness, correspondance to the mother, educational assessments such as tests to get into the reading program last year.
To be honest the school reports I have seen are a load of rubbish.
The child can barely read or do maths but is average in english & maths.
How does that work? 

I am also planning an assessment with a psych to find out exactly how the learning disability effects and will effect the childs future and what sort of help is really needed.

So far this term the child is doing homework but has admitted that the mother just tells the answers. . rather than helping the child to work it out..(I assume to  keep me off  the mothers back)
How is the child meant to learn  ..

Any ideas ?? disagreements etc are welcomed ..
Unfortunatly the education system these days is geared towards NOT failing kids (it upsets their little psyches apparently) which I feel reflects in incorrect reporting. Also a LOT of parents do what the mother days - give answers or do the homework FOR the kids which like you have said is counter productive.

I think you are doing the right thing in trying to get the records, and do the psych assessment. You could also get an independant tester to test the educational skills of the child that will state what actions are needed to remedy the situation. This will also assist you in putting forward a plan should it go to court. It would be important for you to show you are willing and able to work on a remedy rather than merely blame the Mother for the situation.

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A speech pathologist will be able to assess the child's reading age - weird I know. Language is a verbal code.

You can try SPELD in your state also (NSW SPELD is good - QLD bites)

You can PM if you want any more info on learning disabilities. I have a child with dyslexia and possible ADHD (we are in the process of diagnosing the 2nd).

My child managed to skate through pre-school, year 1 we were told he was not reading, year 2 the school were going down the "it's his behaviour" route. I am going to a psych to knock this one on the head (long story).

If your child is the quiet type, who doesn't muck up in class (unlike mine), they can sneak through the system for years….

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thanks for advice..while things cooled down for a while he has had behavioural problems that resulted in the teacher supplying me with weekly behaviour sheets & he earned a treat based on those sheets.
I didnt receive a school report or basic skills results..The school became eerily silent.
Now I find out it is because the mother told the school not to have any contact with me. She thinks I will find things to use against her.
Which has prompted me to try to find things against her because highschool is not far away & nothing has really changed in the last 2 years.I cant see how things will change otherwise (if they ever do)

so I say 1.she is contravening orders that specifically state I will be provided with school reports &
2.There has been a major change (re Rice & Asplund) that a learning disability has been discovered after the parenting orders were written and should therefore the parenting orders should be changed ..and as the mother has hindered the schools efforts I should have sole control of school & child live with me during the week.

any advice next steps?? please say if anyone thinks there is no hope with R & A
I am yet to subpoena
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