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Model Parenting Time Plans - For Parent/Child

Hi all,

During my time in the FMC, i did a lot of research.

I found a document that i believe might be very helpful to people.  It is from the Family Law Unit of the Arizona Supreme Court.  It lists various scenarios of time with either parent, depending upon the circumstances.

The document was given to me by a Judges Associate who advised me that it was a model being seriously considered by most Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court Judges as an optimal guideline for time with either parent.  I used it with great success in my court case, and i know it has been used by several others in their court matters with great success.

I'm uncertain about the veracity if this comment, but i was informed that the document had been distributed amongst our Judges and had been well received by them.  If anyone wants it, or if the administrators feel it is beneficial then i am happy for this site to hold and distribute copies.

The document is 2.1Mb.
There are a number of booklets on the Arizona Supreme Court site, I would be interesting in have a read can you have a look at the
and let me know the name of the booklet if it is posted there.  I don't know the wisdom of the FMC following what happens in the US maybe good maybe bad bit I would like to have a read
Hi Newguy,

The booklet is called Model Parenting Time Plans.  Initially i was like you, not trusting the wisdom of FMC's following U.S trends.  But they did have shared parenting laws well before we did, so maybe we can learn a little from them.

I have read the above-mentioned booklet and even though it didn't agree with what i wanted, it was very easy to see the merit in what they were suggesting.
I have attached the document…but as a newbie i hope it is ok…i couldn't find any advice to the contrary.

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