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UK takes up shared parenting in 2014

I thought you guys would be pleased to hear that the United Kingdom has taken up shared parenting. A few days ago I watched a law society webcast of a political Minister of UK whom explained the new style.

It is very similar to ours. Persons will attend mediation/family counselling/negotiations if they need Family Law.  Shared parenting will be assumed to be the new standard.

Different to us is that legal aid will no longer be allowed for Family Law.He said that the majority of litigants are self represented anyway.

In the survey afterwards, I let them know that Australia has problems with psychologists faking their work and to be careful of letting that wolf in their door. I will contact him to ask if they are going to continue funding for the seperate representatives for children. I will tell him also of the failures by that group,when in the child courts and also the family courts.
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