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Grandparents to get legal powers over access in divorce battles

Grandparents will get new legal powers to guarantee them access to their grandchildren following divorce battles under proposals unveiled today, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

For the first time, separating parents will be expected by the courts to ensure grandparents continue to have a role in the lives of their children after they split up.

New Parenting Agreements will be drawn up that explicitly set out contact arrangements for grandparents which can then be used as evidence in court if a mother or father ignores it.

The recommendation is part of a sweeping review of the family justice regime, commissioned by the Government and led by David Norgrove, a former civil servant.


Still Discriminatory against children who have never met their grandparents

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  M K Gandhi
viewers please note this is not an Australian paper, but one from England.
Not Australian law or Australian policy.
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