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Britain - Any advice regarding divorce

I have a relative in the UK who's partner has left him and am wondering if there is anything similar to this portal in the UK, especially if there are equivalents to the SRL-R.

There are also additional potential complexities in that they married in Thailand and the partner, who is from Thailand, has businesses and properties in Thailand which my relative has been told aren't considered in UK Family Law although they would apparently be under Thai divorce laws.

Could/should the divorce be in the country of marriage?

There are Children involved and at least one is being left with the relative (I thought there was another child as well but that child hasn't as yet been mentioned).
As I understand it, it is the Country the Child lives in who has Family Court Jurisdiction over the children. That will depend on extradition and Jurisdiction enforceability, for you to say Thai financial interest are not considered in UK law I would think UK Family Orders are not enforceable in Thailand.

Does anyone know if Aussie have an agreement with Thailand regarding Family Orders?

If Aussie does the chances are UK does also.  
NJ, sorry perhaps I was misleading, the dispute/issues are more with the financials than the children. The other parent doesn't appear to want much to do with the child and is making rather extortionate demands such as "You buy me a house or I go to the solicitors".

The relative is concerned that the lack of acknowledgement of assets may result in a very one-sided result (especially as the relative has little option other than to employ a full-time carer for the children as the relative has a demanding job that requires much travel, the relative also has another child for which support is being paid).
This is a general Law Forum site:

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A Family Law Forum within the above site:

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This appears to be a site that gives some good legal advice from the few questions put and answered I looked at. They may even if you join answer how affidavit evidence and other evidence of children can be put to the court.
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