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STAY Order Pending SSAT Appeal

Reference to schedule of the Act under which application is made

Hi All,

This may be of help to others down the track who are going to need to apply for a STAY of child support pending a SSAT outcome.

Regardless of merits of my case, can anyone refer me to the correct 'schedule' or part of which Act I have been asked to attach with my interim application? This direction I have found in the FAMILY LAW RULE 2004- REG 4018. I need to file a number of docs with my application, affidavit, CSA corro and a reference to this law.

I have narrowed my search to 'Schedule 3 - SSAT Review of  child support decisions (commencing on 1 Jan 2007)' but just cant decifer which part I need to add to my application. If someone could spell it out for me and others it would be invaluable to us all.

Hi I may need to do a stay order as well. I was going to get a lawyer to do it. However I am in Brisbane and I'm pretty sure the Caxton legal service will help you find the legislation… For free. No matter where you are there is sure to be legal service around.
My Stay application is with the court so I do hope this post helps someone out there planning the same.

A good starting point for anyone considering a Stay would be to look at the following :

1. Child Support (Registration and Collections) ACT 1988 Sec 111c or

2. Section 116

Another tip is to make a call to the CSA legal practitioners line, tell them you are an SRL as I did. There didn't seem to be a problem. The junior staff member I spoke to was helpfull enough and we managed to find the right legislation.

I will be interested to hear the outcome.
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