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Statement of Financial Circumstances

This is probably a really dumb question but….on filling out the Financial Circumstances form, do you list all the household expenses for everyone?  The thing is, we have 5 adults living in our house, and all have their own individual incomes.  They also register their own cars, pay for their own holidays, buy their own clothes.  The only expenses that are shared are food, electricity, phone, general household stuff etc.  None pay board, just their portion of outgoings.  It would just seem strange that we'd put down say $5000 for a holiday (which one house member took on their own and paid for out of their own money) and which the applicant had nothing to do with.
The Financial Circumstances is only the parents involved in the CS case. If you start involving others then the whole case might get messy.
Just itemise your income and expenditure for there purpose and back it up with evidence.
Thanks Taylor, but the form asks for all persons living at our address… no names, just ages, relationship to applicant and a total income amount of those persons.  It then asks for total household expenses, the applicants amount of those expenses and the rest of the household's portion.  I'm confused  O_o
Your confused, so am I. Thats like the question, what is your spouses income when he/she is irrelevant to your finances and under the CSA Act you are not required to supply the information.
I guess if the question is asked then the information would have to be supplied if under the privacy act that person agrees to supply such information. ??? So I guess that the 5 adults should fall under the same Act as your spouses income. Someone with better knowledge on this subject might know how the CSA - SSAT decipher this Law.
There are court orders saying that no financial information in the forms is to be discussed by the applicant or the ex…to anyone…yeah right!  We honestly don't mind giving the information, if it's a part of the procedure then so be it…I just don't understand what they are after regarding the household expenses.  I understand if the expenses are 'household'…but what my mother in laws expenses for medical/clothes or holidays have anything to do with the price of eggs is a bit baffling.
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