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SSAT Hearing this week!

Any last minute advice?  How long do they give for the inital submission?
Good luck, I'm up next week.

I have engaged a legal representative to assist me, but the advice she gave is probably relevant.

Stick to the facts, don't get emotional (hard at times) and demand that they (or your ex) PROVE with documented evidence any claims against you.

In your case, you cannot let them just take income and then deduct cost of goods sold - it has to be ALL of the costs of doing business.

I'd even argue depreciation should be included, otherwise, when the asset reaches the end of its useful life - how will you pay for it?
Better to amortize it over its useful life than to have one year where the cost comes in and there is a greatly reduce child support income figure.
Thanks whatbus, I'll definitely get back here when it's all over.  I've written a 3 page submission to be read at the beginning of the hearing outlining all the facts, cross referencing to relevant pages of paperwork received from CSA and stating the relevant legislation regarding what is income. Nervous isn't the word! I was thinking about depreciation the other day, how do they treat the asset?  If the cost of the asset isn't added back to the income and the asset is used to earn income then I can see why depreciation isn't allowable.  I've had root canal that was less painful that this!
Julco you will have to take some case law with you about depreciation. Refer to the LADD case here on this site. Depreciation is not an income, everyone knows that but the CSA and SSAT want to add it back on. What is depreciation? definition and meaning
The SSAT will want to know the value of depreciation and that amount they say has to be set aside in a separate bank account for replacement assets. Funny isn't it. If times are tuff and you have to draw on those funds to make ends meet, what are you supposed to do.
I think that you also mention that the CSA wanted to know about the household income, that is irrelevant to personal income.
I said once before, make sure that you ask them at the hearing what are there qualifications, do they have any degree in accounting, if not they are out of there jurisdiction. Make sure you mention that. And tell them if they require any further evidence to back up your claims can you submit them later.
This is such Bias system, its a joke. The SSAT will take all the information in, ask you question, then at a later date will give you a decision on there findings of fact and on case law and you get no chance to defend that outcome.
Thanks Taylor…as for depreciation, it's really irrelvant anyway, the company has buggar all assets.  I'm hoping to pretty much flood them with facts and figures, we honestly have nothing to hide.  This is all about CSA adding back directors loans - repayments of personal funds being used to pay tax when there were no company funds available.
I hope that they don't screw you over like they did to me by adding back bank interest and fees associated with the company's loan for plant and equipment.
There's no loans Taylor, assets are under 10k, so no fees or interest.  It should be straight forward…we are hoping they will rectify the error that CSA made.  Is it ok in the submission to ask that all allegations the other party has made or will make be followed up with evidence?  Getting sick and tired of the constant lies.  You know the old saying..throw enough mud!
Julco said
Is it ok in the submission to ask that all allegations the other party has made or will make be followed up with evidence?

Perhaps you should use the following a phrase, for each and every such allegation made. Something along the lines of:

"I believe that the other party cannot substantiate such an allegation and that, due to the number of times that the other party has made such false allegations in the course of this matter, that the other parties statement(s) constitutes harassment and also an attempt to fraudulently extort monies. I also believe that you (the SSAT panel), as public servants, are, according to the APS code of conduct, required to adhere to the laws of Australia and to also show respect to customers. Therefore I believe that it is your duty to report the act of harassment and the act of fraudulent extortion to the appropriate authorities."
Crikey MikeT, that sent me for a flat spin.  So damn true but…do I dare?  Wondering if that would just get the panel completely offside…but then again, they are supposed to follow laws and legislations.  Such a damn good response though!
Julco are they adding back your drawings and misreading the capital account?

This sounds all too familiar.

What period was the determination for? The SSAT often vary the legislation and make a determination then backdate and future date it.
Hi Alessandro, CSA added back drawings etc, that's why we took it to SSAT.  The period was for the remainder of the CSA obligation (3yrs).
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