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SSAT hearing for 2nd time

The SSAT hears a case, sets for 3 years, then hears again before 1 year later...

Hi all, I'm new here and highly confused about current situation…

Facts in a nutshell

A COA objection was taken to SSAT by Parent A
SSAT handed down new assessment decision and set income of Parent B to be the same for 3 years
Income of Parent B fluctuates considerably.
CSA, SSAT, & lawyers said nothing could be done.
After 6 months someone at CSA said if income of Parent B changed dramatically then another COA application could be filed.
Parent B did this. CSA could not change due to SSAT decision being in place, Parent B objected, objection refused.
BUT case was now able to be sent back to SSAT, who agreed to hear it, again.

This was incredibly hard for me (let's call me the Secretary) to do when so many people told me it was impossible, seemingly endless calls, letters, allegations of fraud, hours and hours of research and I was just wondering…

Has anyone heard of this happening?
Sounds like a time matter where by the ssat can make a new decision on the future and not the past without an application to the courts to cover the past.

I hope that you have not been a telephone customer to the CSA. I have herd that they only supply relevant transcripts to cover up there incompetence.
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