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SSAT decisions that can be appealed to the AAT

Just got this from the guide - It may help people who are are not happy with certain SSAT decisions who would not get anywhere in a court appeal of a SSAT decision on a point of law.

A parent can apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of certain CSA decisions regarding Departure Prohibition Orders. See Chapter 5.2.11 for information on the review provisions.

The AAT can also review CSA decisions on FOI applications (see Chapter 6.6.2).

The AAT can also review SSAT decisions about care percentage decisions (see Chapter 2.2.1).

The AAT can also review SSAT decisions to refuse to grant an extension of time to apply for a review of a CSA decision (see Chapter 4.2.4).

If you have a health care card the AAT is free otherwise fees do apply, however you could easily claim them back from C$A through the Compensation for Defective Administration scheme.

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