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Just sitting in a corner rocking back and forth after the SSAT hearing wondering the following -  If SSAT find you've spent more on an expense than you've allocated on your Income and Expenditure Statement (vehicle expenses - $50 per week) - and they find that it is unnecessary (?) do they add that to income or do that say you can afford $50 per week more in CS$ and deem your income accordingly?
The SSAT will find anything to add onto CS because the system is not fair or just for the liable parent. The vehicle expenses should be part of the every day maintenance under expenditure. They could go either way, say that you have $50 to spare each week and make you pay that extra in CS. I don't think that they will add it on as income as the payee would be worse off.
Its gut wrenching Julco, lets hope that your outcome is a good one.   
Thanks taylor…not the best day I've had  :(   

I had my day in front of SSAT on Tuesday and I have to say it wasn't pleasant!!

When asked why I spent $200/week on food, I mentioned that to purchase a lunch whilst working, you don't get too much change out of $10.00, so that accounts for $50/week…

Her response was: "Have you thought about taking your lunch from home"?

I really wanted to say "Get F#@Ked", but calmly said that I never have, even before I met my ex, but even if I did, then I'd be saving only a couple of $ a week.

What did disturb me was that my legal representative informed me that if they felt I was "wasting money" they could give that to her.

I thought that if they determine what your income is, the formula applies - it was all about agreeing what the income was, then apply the formula…


They may agree on the income, apply the formula, assess the Child Support amount, THEN if they feel like it - ADD extra, because I'm wasting (in their minds) the money left over!!

BUT there is no accountability on her part to show ANY of the money goes to my Son!

I now have to wait a couple of weeks for the "decision"
Sounds so similar to ours whatbus.  And you are so right, they go through the payer like a dose of salts but the payee (in our case) was spoken to like some poor homeless person who couldn't afford a hot meal. Oh…and how dare you buy lunch…and i suppose you eat dinner everyday too!

I'm guessing they will add on around $350 a month after they do their assessment because we apparently waste money on food too!

it is so "hit and miss". I told them my house and contents weren't insured, because I cant afford it.

Sounds like that would be an "acceptable" use of money….but they will probably take $$ from me AND I STILL wont be able to afford insurance!!
Whatbus that all sounds so familiar. I couldn't afford to pay my insurance on my rental or motor car years ago, struggled to make ends meet and all this was noted in my SSAT hearing, but yet they still found a way to screw me over to pay more CS based upon BANK INTEREST for a business loan.
They do what they like the SSAT knowing fair well that the average person wont take the matter any further.  
So once SSAT make their decision, is there anything that constitutes a change of circumstances as far as they are concerned or are you locked in to their decision come hell or high water until the child turns 18?

Usually, the SSAT make a decision for a time period…what they will call a "Child support period".
Once that time elapses, it's back to the C$A for the same ridiculous circus to start again.
In my case, I have 15 years to go..
15 Years…!  Hell whatbus, that's an eternity.  Ours is 3.5 years so I suppose I shouldn't be whinging.  CSA originally set the income for the remainder of the Child support period and included a 6% yearly increase.  Would be interesting to see how much more SSAT could screw us over than that.

6% is a massive increase, that is about double CPI!

Further evidence they do not live in the real world.

Yes, I expect to be in front of the SSAT EVERY year for the next 15 years!
Well…I suppose whatbus, you'll know what to expect from SSAT in future…make sure you pack a lunch though!
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