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SSAT decision

Hi all, after a long hard battle with csa which ended with us taking their decision(s) to the SSAT, i would like to let members of this forum know that it can sometimes be useful doing the hard yards and fighting for fairness.  In our case csa would not apply the same rules to the ex as they did to us so we appealed through the SSAT and their decision has came back in our favour which in effect has turned our debt into a debt now owed by the ex. She now owes us money, which we won't ever see but thats irrelevant to us, the fact that these people listened and indeed heard and then acted is win enough for us.  Thank you to all the members who have helped me on this site, without your input I wouldn't have gone as far and would probably still be whining at 'the injustice of the system'.  Good luck to everyone still struggling.   :thumbs::):thumbs::):thumbs:

When 'Life' is hard and things are tough,

and you feel like you've had enough.

Remember always this one thing true,

Someone else depends on YOU.
That's good news OVERCSA, well done. I wonder if the decision will be published. I'd certainly like to look through it.
I second MikeT's comments, well done oversca.

Sorry people for the one liner
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