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SSAT Annual report 2011-2012

I found this report on the internet relating to the SSAT and found it very interesting. Especially page 51 Appendix 4 it states that out of the 900 cases that were referred to the SSAT in this period 500 decisions were set aside…to me this should sound huge alarm bells at the effectivness of the SSAT.

Also you will notice on page 13 Resons for changing decisions of the CSA 67.4% is due to more information being provided. To me this says the CSA is not doing their job. If they asked for more information initially then the matters wouldn't even need to go to the SSAT.

So true Alessandro. I have said that for a long time about the CSA that they need to be Certified Practicing Accountants ( CPA ) to make a decision about any liability that has to be paid or leave it up to the ATO. All the time and tax payers money that is wasted, plus the heart ache it puts people through.

It would also be good to here what the Ombudsman says about this report.

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Heartache alright. Now that we have won our case the government lawyer has decided to appeal. It has cost us all up about $70,000 in legal fees..our lawyers have totally overcharged.

Apparently our decision is so adverse to the CSA/SSAT that they want to fight tooth and nail to have it dismissed and heard again by a full court. I am annoyed that the government can continually make mistakes and then then keep costing the general public money. It shouldn't be how much it costs the taxpayer from their blunders. If you multiply $70,000 by 900 cases they heard in the federal court $63000000.00 to the general public. I think we have more to complain about grrr. My aim now is to turn this appeal around and have them abolished totally.

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