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Social Security Appeals Tribunal for re-hearing

2 attempts by the CSA and 1 by the SSAT to work out personal/business taxable income.

When the courts find that the ssat have used there professional trained accounts team to work out my taxable income and all there figures are wrong, can I ask the FM to send the matter to the ATO ?

or does it have to go for round 2 at the ssat ?

At what point do I lodge a claim to the CDDA for compensation, after the FM has sent the matter back to the SSAT or after the re hearing ?

Or do I wait until all the other mess has been sorted out for a full cliam ?

Can the CSA deam my claim as income ? or does the claim fall under the same category as Wind Fall ?
The court can only dismiss the appeal or refer it back to the SSAT for re-hearing.

You lodge your CDDA claim with C$A when the matter is over and you have clear evidence of defective administration.

The claim is meant to reimburse or compensated for losses or expenses incurred whilst dealing with the matter. When they paid out my claim I banked the cheque and that was the end of it.
Thanks Fairgo for your help. I have read a lot of your notes and others here on this site that go back years. I have gained a lot of knowledge on the CSA over the last 2 years.

So what you are saying is that once the FM has made a decision for re hearing, is that when I lodge the CDDA claim or after the new decision from the SSAT.

Who or how determines the amount of compensation. To date I have around $ 10k paid in legal fees and a diary of time spent to fight this battle - 6 weeks work and loss of income/sales in that period, plus the mental stress that I have to live with.

If I loose my case then I have to pay costs of the respondent.
When I win my case does the respondent pay my costs and is that then taken of my CDDA claim or is that separate.
You lodge the CDDA claim when the whole process is resolved so if the court sends the matter back to SSAT, you let them do their job and if you accept their decision you then work out your CDDA claim.

Yes you claim legal expenses, loss income or entitlements such as paid leave taken from work to deal with the matter. Mental stress wont count unless you have medical expenses as a result.

Re costs - has the respondent indicated they are seeking a costs order?
Are you seeking a costs order? I think in the Ladd case costs were ordered. Regardless you can still lodge a CDDA claim.
1. Lodge the claim, Thats great

2. Claim expenses, Thats great

3. The respondent did mention to the FM something about costs. At the time I didnt understand what the meaning was behind that remark, Now I do
I havn't mentioned that I will be seeking costs, I presume that I can on the court day, tomorrow.

Thanks again
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