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Relationship between SSAT and AAT

What is the functional difference between the SSAT (Social Security Appeals Tribunal) and AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal)

Can anyone provide a clear definitive view on the differences between the SSAT and the AAT?


Why was the SSAT not simply part of the existing AAT?

SSAT (Social Security Appeals Tribunal)

AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal)

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I think the site admins have done that for us and they have posted a quite comprehensive response under the "Web Guide" under Child Support.

I must say the content appearing is first rate and they should be congratulated for the depth of comment.  It is also encouraging to see actual responses to queries coming back from Government Agency sources.
This is a test post from the Child Support Agency

The Child Support Agency (CSA) has provided this general information to support a better understanding of the Child Support Scheme. To discuss an individual child support case, or for further information, please contact the CSA directly, as specific cases or circumstances will not be discussed in a public forum.
All CSA communications with the forum will be in the form of public posts- the CSA will not be responding to private posts or emails.
Additional information on the Child Support Agency, and details on their participation in this site can be found here

These are test examples from the Site Admins for Government Departments that have been open enough to talk about proper registration.

That does not automatically mean there will be a question and answer area.

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