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Notify new AAT decisions

This topic is specifically for the notification of new AAT decisions.

If you know of one then it would be of great assistance if you could post 3 lines. The first line the case name, the second line the catchwords used in the published decision and the third line the url.

As an example, using the AAT recent decisions list, the latest one relevant to Child Support (i.e find the phrase Child Support) is Beamish and Child Support Registrar and Molloy (Party Joined) [2008] AATA 586 (8 July 2008) (copied from the title), this is the first line to get.

Scrolliing through the document, there will be a list of hyphen separated words/phrases (sometimes more than one set, the second appears to be for procedural issues, copy both sets and join them to make one line). Often this will have Catch Phrase as a heading or as the first pharse (there is no need to copy Catch Phrase if it is the first). Paste this into the post as the second line.

For the third line simply cut and paste the contents of the browser address bar (i.e. where you type in www……., if should have something along the lines of
ERROR: A link was posted here (url) but it appears to be a broken link., where yyyy will be the year (e.g. 2008) and nnn will be a number.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

MikeT thanks for posting this.  I probably should have.  Folks, if contemplating a course of action I strongly suggest you check the past cases on your point, because the AAT will refer to its own decisions when making future decisions.  So, if an argumnet has been rejected as "worthless" or similar, don't go and make a fool of yourself.  Please read objectively and widely.
         actually the thanks should come back to you, that's for kicking me into action and giving me the inspiration. I wasn't even aware that AAT decisions were published. What I might look at is perhaps trying to automate the process, well in part at least, something that I've never done but that's the sort of thing that can spur me on.

Again thanks.
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