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NOTE ABOUT topic Disclosing information to the ex when consent was not giv...

After consideration of a request to "pull this thread", for a fear that it may adversely affect the resultant decision, this thread has been pulled from public view.

It should be noted that the removal of posts will rarely be considered, as every poster has a responsibility to consider the repercussions of what they post.

With regard to the person being afforded the privilege, the expectation is that the post is re-instated after the decision and that the poster contribute further in regard to the decision made. However, this is not a normal request, there is no set procedure for undertaking modification of a post in this way, as such there is no guarantee that the post will not be lost in it's entirety. Also currently the decisions has been made by just one person, others may disagree to what has been undertaken set and thus this decision or parts of it may be changed upon consensus.
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