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If the SSAT in there decision have written wrong accounting figues in that they do not coenside with what I supplied

What kind of error is that called.

If they have made an assumptions on my income and Taxable income

What kind of error is that

If the CSA steal money from anyones bank account, "while a decision is still under despute "

is that not an error of law and if found guilty punishable by a criminal offence.

My case is now before the FMC and no new documents/evidance can be submitted.      Am I correct?

If I say the right words in court and get another hand ball off for someone else to make a decision about my case,

will the courts findings go to the new umpire.

If the courts find that no error has been found,      What is my avenues for appeal against the CSA - SSAT - FMC ?

My solicitor has run away scared because my CS case is above his competance so I have to do it on my own

and I dont fully understand the laungage that the solictors/courts are talking about.

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A technical heading you can use are for such decisions are "Irrational, Illogical and Not based upon findings or inferences of fact supported by logical grounds. There are a number of admin law cases (mainly immigration related) that you can rely upon, such as Re Pochi and Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.
taylor said
If the CSA steal money from anyones bank account, "while a decision is still under despute "

is that not an error of law and if found guilty punishable by a criminal offence.
Unfortunately, the CSA Acts have a clause in them that says something along the lines of "A determination is valid even if all of the requirements of the ACT have not been complied with". Given that one of the conditions is that the assessment should be correct based on certain types of data, that statement effectively means that a determination is valid even if it's wrong, therefore, they can act on it as a form of pressure on you while you're disputing it. Garnishment of bank accounts is a classic example of this sort of abuse of power, since what better way is there to stop someone making life hard for the Agency than to remove all of their financial resources? It's straight-out extortion.

Tony Soprano would be very jealous.
Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988 said
110S  Pending reconsiderations not to affect registrations etc.
             (1)  The fact that a reconsideration of a decision in relation to a registrable maintenance liability is pending does not, in the meantime, interfere with, or affect:
                     (a)  the registration of the liability; or
                     (b)  the particulars entered in the Child Support Register in relation to the liability.
             (2)  Amounts payable under such a liability or payable, by way of penalty, in relation to such a liability may be recovered as if no reconsideration were pending.

If you have a decision you are objecting to, appealing to the SSAT about, or going to the FMC re an error of law, CSA has no legislative requirement to cease enforcement unless you ask a court for a stay order under s111C of the R&C act. The 111C application can be contested so you have to be careful about that too.
Another question

If the ssat are supplied the facts from me and in there decision there
facts are written A B C D E when what I supply reads F B M N O

Is that an error of Law or not, if not what error is it called.?
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