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Directions Hearing.

Directions hearing is on Friday!  We sent a letter with the Financial Circumstances form (January)to advise them that husband would not be participating and reasons where given. Husband called SSAT when he received the notification regarding the date of the Directions Hearing to say he'd sent a letter stating he wasn't participating.  Case Manager said he didn't receive the letter (even though it was marked to his attention - said it would have gone to the panel) so husband said he'd send it again.  In the letter, he had asked for written confirmation from SSAT, as no correspondence from SSAT has been received, he called them this morning.  Case manager won't be in until Wednesday, after 15 minutes of useless conversation with the lady that answered the phone, she put him on hold to speak to her supervisor… she came back and said that all correspondence will be dealt with at the directions hearing and a response will be given then.  Is this their usual method, to confuse everyone so no one knows what the heck is going on?
Are you registered for CSAOnline?  If so, I'd scan a copy of the letter and send it to them as an attachment to a CSAOnline message.  That way you'd have proof that they received it as you'll be provided with a receipt #.
They got the letter Wharty, we have email proof of that now.  Obviously they didn't read it though, they still rang and got seriously cranky when he refused to participate.  Not sure what's going to happen now.  We're thinking they won't even take it to a full hearing.  Has anyone ever refused the directions hearing … what happens next?
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