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Auscript Transcripts - SSAT Appeals



I am in the middle of the messy process with a SSAT Appeal in the FMC arena.  I placed an order for an estimate of the cost involved with obtaining a transcript of the SSAT hearing.

Lesson one. The SSAT records their own tribunal hearings, Auscript transcribes at the SSAT permission.  SSAT will not allow for a transcript until a Noice of an Appeal - SSAT Child Support Application has been filed in the FMC.

Lesson Two. That when Auscript arranges for the estimate, and the go a head to obtain the transcript, Auscript then provides a notice that the transcript is subject to Copyright and that I am unable to share the transcript with any other parties.

So my question is:  Who then provides the Magistrate with a copy of the transcript if it is under copyright?

Or is it because that I (who is not part of the Commonwealth) who has just purchased a copyright licence, pay a higher fee, and because the Commonwealth (that is, Department of Human Services, Federal Magistrates etc) only pay a sub-licence and a lower rate?

But because I had already went to the expense of obtaining a transcript, they then supply the transcript to the Commonwealth Department etc under the sub-licence at a lower cost, but generally would be given a copy until one of the parties has already gone to the initial full expense with Auscript.

I have read SSAT appeals where a transcript was not provided…So I am confused because I cannot attach the transcript to my application because I am bound by copyright.

Have I got this right?
Nope. Think of the transcript as a movie DVD. You buy it, and watch it with your family. Are you infringing copyright? NO. You are not downloading to 'youtube' or playing it to the public, or making a profit out of it charging people to see it!

You buy a transcript, but instead of sharing it with your family, you share it with a magistrate and the other party. Are you infringing copyright? NO. You are not publishing the content to the wider public like a newspaper.

You have to print out the electronic version of the transcript you receive, but still this is not infringing copyright.

YOU are the one that supplies a copy to the court (and the other party) if you want it to be included as 'evidence'.

As you have to supply a copy to the other party, suggest you send it electronically  - you will receive the document in both a Word and as a PDF. It does gives a bit a satisfaction that the other party get charged by their legal advisors per page of printing!! Makes you feel a lot better!

You have a lot more things to worry about than wondering if attaching a copy of the transcript to your affidavit would infringe copyright.
thanks Valere

My issue is that SSAT did not consider the objection of material that was received late, and the SSAT proceedings didn't swear or affirm either party.  I would be interested if the transcript has been altered in this regard!
No because Auscript do the majority of transcripts for all court cases. They have no vested interest (other than charging you for their service) in altering anything as the transcript is part of the evidence and there is always the audio recording the court can listen to is there is a challange to the authenticity of the transcript.

Don't worry, the transcripts are true - but sometimes with mumblers, words may be missed, but Austscript marks that on the transcript.
The SSAT dont consider most of the material even if its on time, they brush over everything to get through the process as quick as they can so they dont miss there luch break.
Fair Just and equitable for both parents is the wording everywhere you read, but in the eyes of the ssat it is one sided.

You are not alone EMW I am going through the rubbish now wher the courts wont except my written afidavid on errors of the law that the ssat have made, so I have to go spend $ 1200 to get a copy of the transcript, thats money for child support that wont get paid for 6 months.
The system is a joke.

Hi All

My first mention in my SSAT appeal occurred yesterday…Today I received the transcript and I have until Feb 2012 to prepare submissions in relation to the errors of law.

I stand corrected though, the transcript does mention the continuation of affirmations.  However, it did not address my objection in anyway to the material arriving late.

The actual decision also started in June, yet the application for COA started in Sept when there was a change in child residence.

Thanks for your ideas and comments…EMW
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