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AGS attending an SSAT appeal

I recently lodged an appeal against a decision by the SSAT in the FMC and listed the parties in the case (apart from myself) as my ex and the child support registrar. My intial mention was yesterday and I was surprised to find that the CSA had sent along a Govt solicitor to represent the CSA.

I had expected my ex to be represented but she chose not to and I have a suspicion that she did this because she found out that the CSA was sending a solicitor. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience in this regard? Is it normal for the CSA to get involved in SSAT appeals?

Does anyone know what criteria they use to when deciding if they will send along an AGS?


Given that the FMC is a lot more reasonable in their decision making process when comes to deciding upon fairness, unlike the C$A and SSAT, I completely understand why the C$A is represented. The C$A didn't get involved in my SSAT appeal and I bet they regret it now. You must have a case that is of interest to them.
You must have a case that is of interest to them.
It just seems strange to me that the AGS turned up and when they did they just made 2 arguments. The first was he claimed that he could not see any aspect of the decision that indicated that the SSAT had erred in any of their decisions, yet he didn't even have a copy of the decision with him. Then he went on to say that the CSA (or AGS I can't remember which) had not received any papers from me (affidavit, application etc) all of which I sent to the CSA 8 weeks before the hearing and I had in fact received a letter from the C$A acknowledging that they had received the papers at least 3 weeks before the mention. Unfortunately I didn't have a copy of that with me to hand up.
There seem to be 2 possible reasons (in my mind) why they might be interested. The first is that the SSAT has assessed me to pay $2,400 a month in CS and the debt that is accumulating is getting quite large as I just don't have the money to pay. The second is slightly more clandestine but I have a strong suspicion it may be correct. My ex's close cousin is a senior FM at the Sydney FMC and I have had suspicions all along this process that she has been in the background not just giving advice to my ex but where possible making "arrangements" that have led to the way I have been thwarted at every step along the way.
I may be being paranoid but I know that there is a lot of influence in my ex's family by some of the senior family members and it would not surprise me to find that they have managed to get the FM concerned to "help out" with more than just helpful advice. Whether that leads to a real conflict of interest is probably impossible for me to prove but it seems odd that the AGS office got involved in the case when they claim that they hadn't seen my affidavit and therefore had very little information about what my arguments were going to be.
Does anyone know if there is a way I can ask that the FMC restrict my ex's cousin from having access to any information to do with the case?
How did the matter go in the FMC ? The CSA are of course interested in cases where SSAT cases are overturning the decisions from the COA process. In the case of an SSAT appeal as a percentage of cases I think there are only a few and therefore probably of interest.

You could certainly mention a conflict of interest but proving it is another matter. Hard one … Mike T? If the outcome is what you are seeking then perhaps the perception might change.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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The FM set a date for a one day hearing in November 2009 to hear the appeal. However, he read my Notice of Appeal and made a comment to the effect "I don't see any real grounds for an appeal and I am putting you on notice that I may award costs. I am not saying I will, but you are on notice" I (respectfully) responded to the effect that I didn't see how he could make that observation when he hadn't listened to my arguments.
I also asked for a stay on the collection of the assessment until the hearing date. This request was included in the Application I filed but unfortunately I got caught out with a technicality. On the day of the first mention the FM told me that the sherriff's dept hadn't ticked the box to say they had handed the Application to my ex so the FM used it as an excuse to delay for another month. He handed down orders for me to write to my ex and enclose a copy of the orders but also to file affidavits of service to say I had sent the documents to the C$A and to list all the documents that had been handed by the sherrif to my ex.
I did all that and went back 2 weeks ago and he got me again on another technicality. Despite filing 2 more affidavits of service, one saying what documents the sherrif had served on my ex, and the other what had been sent to the C$A, the FM told me I should have also included the fact that I had written to my ex (as above) on that affidavit. So he again delayed the stay hearing until July.
Sorry if all that is longwinded but I have learnt a lesson about never assuming you have done enough to satify this particular FM and his obsession with formalities (or are these excuses to delay making decisions?). Or, has someone been whispering in his ear and suggesting delaying because by the time the final appeal hearing date comes up, all the CS debt will have accumulated and unless I win the lottery I won't have been able to pay it??
If the outcome is what you are seeking then perhaps the perception might change.
Could you please elaborate on what you mean by this?
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