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Aat - ssat - can a judge rule?

Wondering if anyone can answer. Last 4 years have been bouncing between ssat and aat. Each time it gets more complicated. Last ssat erred with calculations in having me pay child spt for having 2 children full time care (he has one child for 2 nights a week) - no other children involved, after saying that he has to pay spt - complicated financial result after ssat from child spt accountant calculations. Last aat hearing, child spt barrister agreed there was error of law and shoukd go back. Father is opposed. He claims he runs his own business on zero income - child spt barrister said noone agrees with him there, even ssat, and that the outcome after calculations didnt reflect ssat rulings that he would have to draw on his mortgage account to pay child spt but that it would not impact on him financially, hence back to aat. Father delayed court requesting time for legal help. Cs barrister told judge that they agree it has to go back, but that they also think we will be in front of him again in future bouncing back and forth as it gets more and more complicated. They suggested that income is taken out of the equation and we go halves in childrens costs. I agreed , he agreed, however hasnt been willing to negotiate outside of court. Next court date is early feb.   cs barrister told the judge of her idea and he seemed to like it. My question is - can i ask the judge to make a cs decision based on childrens costs instead of sending it back to ssat for the fourth time, as he hasnt been willing to negotiate outside of court - Simply to avoid this ping pong back and forth game?   Child spt barrister has advised me that we can put forward an agreement that will override the ssat decisions to date, however if he is unwilling to negotiate i cant understand why a judge can simply take childrens expenses and make a ruling that will avoid future costs for child spt in solicitor/ barrister fees, court costs, ssat costs, and personal costs.  Amasingly the amount of money the other parent, child spt, and court has spent so far would have supported the children to well over the legal age.
If so, what forms do i need to submit? Thanks
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