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I'm new to the site and forum.  I have a hearing at the AAT this Thursday and looking for any guidance/help.  I'm appealing on the decision to increase my CSA payments due to my ex-husband having another child with his new partner.  Is there a way to find out if any other cases have been heard and successful around the same point?
If you can provide a bit more information then some of us might be able to help you out.
If what you are saying is that your exes self support allowance has increased because of a new child therefore your amount to pay has been increased then you really have no way out of it

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Consideration of relevant dependents is within the legislated formula. The CS Guide has :-
The CS Guide - Other Components of Child Support Income said
Relevant dependent child amount

If a parent has a relevant dependent child in their care, an amount is deducted from their adjusted taxable income when working out their child support income. See 2.4.6 to see how the relevant dependent child amount is calculated. The amount deducted in calculating a child support income is the total of the amounts worked out for each relevant dependent child of the parent.

Act reference: CSA Act section 46 Working out parent's relevant dependent child amount

Policy reference: CS Guide 2.4.6 The Costs of the Child

Basically the amount is the calculated in exactly the same way same as for a CS child, except that only that parent's income is used to determine the Cost of that Child, rather than the combined income of the 2 parents for a CS child.

As Wolf has stated you have very little chance, if any, of not having this applied.

The principle being that the relevant dependent child has the same right of support, from that child's parents, as any other CS child.
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