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A Successful SSAT application strategy

Seeking advice on what content is applicable

I will shortly make an application to the SSAT over a child support matter. The issues are extensive and complex, and are focussed around the objection review response and the failure of the CSA to manage the case as per procedure and policy. I do understand that this issue alone is not new to this forum and the way the CSA operates, I am seeking advice on the depth of information I should put to the SSAT, if I can provide additional information, unprompted or on demand. Or should I keep my powder dry for the hearing?  I would also like to know if I submit the response provided to me by the CSA complaints officer, as it has significant evidence of mal administration and the CSAs cherry picking of policy? Can someone advise, provide anecdotal evidence or background of submitting a complaint response?

If i think that there is further informaton that will advantage my case should I put in an FOI request? Has/is this a successfull approach?

Also, is information provided through the SSAT process  accepted by the FMC/ FCoA?

Your application to the SSAT should include ALL evidence and information that you wish to be considered by the SSAT.

You will not have an opportunity to introduce new information at the hearing.

Do not assume that the CSA will provide all relevant information to the SSAT - make sure that your entire case is included in your submission.

if you think that CSA has relevant information that you need to obtain by FOI, you should do that - however, the FOI delay will likely mean that you will run out of time so don't rely on getting it in time
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