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The electorate in Shortland shows what they are thinking about - Jill Hall reports

Federal MP Jill Hall canvased the elctorate in the seat of Shortland. Read what the elctorate is thinking about.

The stats and report

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A Letter in response from a constituent in Jill's electorate

Hi Jill…

re: the best interests, wellbeing & welfare of Australia's Children~Parents~Families:-

You are aware of our commitment to this #1 social issue for the Federal Elections in the light of meetings in Belmont and Canberra. From working together with us over the years locally you know of our positive 'doer' approach to "CommUNITY" Service through Creativity-in-action.

Just read your "JILL HALL REPORTS" delivered to our Redhead Village home. Especially the Survey Results. Deeply concerned.

We have taken our own survey of little Aussie battlers in our local Electorate of Shortland and Australiawide. Our focus is upon the 'silent majority' everyday mums, dads, grandparents, children and families very unhappy with the state of things in Australia. They honestly don't feel either the Government nor the Opposition truly LISTEN to them about genuine deep heartbreaking concerns to do with Children~Parents~Families.

Although the issues you raise do matter within the whole quality of life and a happiness context, there are much bigger nitty gritty issues hurting our Families. The total question of Fractured Families (more than 50% of marriages end in divorce), the terribly flawed Family Law Court System causing immense cruelty, pain and suffering and the need for Children's Rights with Shared Parenting as a healing antidote.

Are you willing to stand up for the Fractured Families? Do you see such a Commitment by you as a major #1 issue for the forthcoming Elections?

As a frontline Child/Parent Rights advocate, along with many others nationwide we see the biggest avoidance is by our elected MPs in not tackling and transforming this major #1 problem. We are not willing to stand by and see little Aussie battlers ~ the everyday mums, dads, grandparents, children and families ~ being damaged, hurt and caused severe financial and health loss, even death, by a multi$billion self-serving "Human Misery Killjoy Industry". There is a deathly insidious cancer in today's dysfunctional Australian culture without accountability and responsibilty for the catastrophic human problems caused.

We are also doing a Nationwide Survey with Candidates and MPs up for re-election to determine their Commitment to overcoming this horror {hidden} #1 social problem. No longer can the question be avoided and covered-up in scandalous and shameful secrecy.

Our grassroots growing constituency in Australia will be advised to vote independently for those MPs who truly support Children~Parents~Families … including the healing and proper humankindness of compassion and empathy for the Fractured Families.

We will also be seeking Mass Media coverage via Press, Radio, TV and CyberSpace for our views to be shared publicly. There are a burgeoning array of independent, interactive and interrelated websites with a focus upon and dedication to the best interests of Children~Parents~Families.

For example, have a look at a new state-of-the-art web portal already receiving some 21,000 hits a day /%3Cspan%20style= sponsored by the Shared Parenting Council of Australia.

Please let me know your position on this basic question and I will ask Geoff Holland of the Equal Parenting Network who is doing a specific Survey to contact you. He will give you the opportunity to showcase in the Shortland Electorate and nationwide through his particular collaborative CyberSpace grassroots sharing network. You can then highlight your definitive Commitment to Children~Parents~Families.

Many of us are voters in your Electorate and will only support a Candidate with a clear holistic Commitment to this #1 Social Problem in Australia today. The epidemic dis-ease of parental alienation, exclusion and vilification alone costs our Nation at least $30 Billion annually. Every 2 minutes somewhere in Australia is a report of Child abuse, cruelty, neglect and death. There is an urgency to put a STOP to such a national disgrace of {hidden} destruction in the sinister shadows of secrecy that is a legalese quagmire of injustice damaging the Australian People, especially our innnocent and powerless CHILDREN.

We look forward to your reply to our concerns as our current elected Member of Federal Parliament in Canberra. Thank you.

yours faithfully,

Michael A Riddell, Director/Producer
Creativity Centre~CommUNITY Partnership Initiative;
Enabler & Facilitator, Children~Parents~Families Movement
for the 2007 Federal Elections CommUNITY Grassroots Campaign,
P.O. Box 726, Charlestown, Lake Macquarie, NSW 2280, Australia.

Phone (02) 4944 8968; Mobile 0412 368 707; Fax (02) 4944 8106

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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