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Suicide and family breakdown

Suicide and family breakdown

From Simon H:

Dear  Naoko,

Thanks you for your reassurance.

I've looked at your latest questionnaire and alas, its more of the same. No questions relating to the important issues eg: denial of contact coupled with oppressive child support, abuse allegations, bias in courts, with police, social workers, helplessness as their children get damaged for life by mercenary practitioners.


I suspect its all about money and vested interests. Cynical? Show me I'm wrong.

Meanwhile another 3 - 5 Dads topped them selves yesterday. Another 3 - 5 will do so again today leaving a lot more children tramatised and disadvantaged for life..

Its really important that you don't work to hide this tragedy as you appear, perhaps unwittingly, to be doing now.

Simon H

From: Naoke Ide To: Simon Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:55 AMSubject: Re: !

Dear Simon

Thank you for your comments.
I agree with you that issues with shared parenting, child residence and other legal processes are crucial factors, and  that's why we ask these issues in our survey.  We need voices from men like yourself so we can move foward in the right direction.

Kindest regards


Naoko Ide
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) and
WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Suicide Prevention
Mt Gravatt Campus, Griffith University
Nathan QLD 4111

Ph: 07 3735 3338
Fax: 07 3735 3450

Dear Naoko,

"However little is known about what causes the most distress"
are you for real?
How about seeing your kids come to grips that you no good whilst dealing with a mother who has been   told she has to limit their contact with you. Kids that resist this get sent to councillors and mediated.
I don't believe their is anything as distressing as watching your kids suffer and being able to do nothing about it.
Do you?
Simon H

Coordinator, Equal Parenting Movement

Co-director, Fathers4Equality

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