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SPCA - Shared Parenting Council of Australia Inc

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A list of the key items currently being worked on by SPCA executives and members

Key Initiatives for 2007 and into 2008

-   Facsia - dissemination and review of the new Child Support Legislation and reforms.
-   Review of 2006/2007 proposed Family Law Legislation amendments
-   Additional consideration of the presumption of equal shared parenting time and activities to further improve the shared parenting outcomes for children after separation
-   Monitoring and assessment of all new Family Court and Federal Court judgements to ensure alignment with new Family Law Axct and explanatory memorandum.
-   Review of and maintenance relating to the NSW State Government review of violence provisions" in Family Law Act and suggestion that new Act exposes mothers to additional violence.
-   United Nations declaration on Womanhood and the United Nations report Violence Against Women report.
-   Publication of statistics from various courts
-   Family relationship start ups and performance particularly in relation to the numbers of shared parenting outcomes
-   Working with federal Attorney Generals department on amendments and progress to the new legislation
-   National Conference and World Youth day in the Hunter Valley 2008
-   Assistance to SRL (Self represented Litigants groups) as required
-   Monitoring and inputs to other group activities relating to changes in education department guidelines
-   Formulation of National policy around election activities
-   Review of case law and its wide spread use
-   Review of Rice and Asplund conditions in relation to changes and amendments to existing orders
-   Additional activities around the Children's Rights Council
-   Election of officers

In addition the SPCA is working with many affiliated groups on a range of important reforms

Please feel free to visit the SPCA web site in the Community section of this portal site or participate in any of the forums that are visible to you under the group security profiles assigend to your account.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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SPCA, wishing you the best and of greatest achievement for the comming event this weekend, god bless..

My vote would be, they are doing a tremendous job however more needs to be done and always will until both Family Law and Child Support are fair. However should it only be the SPCA's role? There are many out there who could contribute in some way. as I understand it there is a core of people basically giving their life or much of it and so many others gaining from that. I guess you could directly quote Churchill (I think), with never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.

How to harness this wealth of potential power, I haven't a clue.

As such I haven't actually voted because I don't think any of the options fit (sorry to be a pain).

Unfortunately it will be quite sometime in the future before groups like the SPCA will not be needed and I fear there will always be plenty to do.

For the sterling effort that has been and will be achieved I humbly thank you for our childrens future.

And my vote is that you are on top of all issues but they keep moving the finishing post.

could one of your objectivs be to reatin more funding for the family court and federal mags court.

how lsowing the system works is damaging to fathes, mothers and familes in general


Han Solo routine "We're all fine here, thanks. How are you?" *weapons fire* "It was a boring conversation anyway!"
It is great to see that you have a grasp on the important issues. I wish you all the best for all those in or about to enter the matrix of Family Law.

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