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SPCA - Shared Parenting Council - Key Policy legsilative reforms being worked on

The SPCA plans to develop policy in the following areas of interest after the conference held 19th June 2007

The SPCA has a large legislative agenda and work list for coming years. Some of the key items being worked on are listed as a result of the conference.

  1. Common implimentation of the amended Family Law Act in all States and Territories of Australia 
  2. Judges and Magistrates training program
  3. Solitors and Legal practice fraternity training program
  4. Review of Case Law usage
  5. Statistics and Reporting on the following: Family Court outcomes - Federal Magistrates Court outcomes - Family relationship Centre outcomes
  6. Family reports and Report Writers: Standards - Plagurism - Training - Ability for Response to reports - Writer to be added to Judgement headers
  7. AVO / DVO Legsilation and operation in the Local Court: Arrangements in relation to advantage at family hearings.
  8. Publication of all cases - Impliment the same legislation as New Zealand.
  9. DNA records at birth to be maintained
  10. Reporting of corrected Suicide figures: Refer all suspected suicide cases to Coronial Court for determinations.
Men in Education: The lack of male teachers in particulalrly early childhood care and in Primary schools. The SPCA will work closely with the FLRA to review outcomes and progress.

Industrial Law reform: - Men in the workplace where leave is given to visit special school events, sport days etc. - Flexible hours for family matters - Parental leave for family issues

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The list above

The list above represents most of the to be looked at.  Congratulations to the SPCA for the continuing efforts in the family arena.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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