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SPCA key activities 2007 - 2008

What has the Shared Parenting Council of Australia (SPCA) been working on ? Wrap up for the financial year ending.

1.   Developing Components of the Portal
Disseminating information to the Public comprising key pieces of legislative reform of the Child Support System Involved in Legislative/Policy Reform of the Child Support System through stakeholder involvement with FACSIA. We have also collated "Issues" through an issues register providing these quarterly. We have provided specialist assistance on numerous occasions from forum and personal topic posts. In general we have tried to provide an authoritative resource on the issues surrounding separation. We have deployed phase 1 of a sophisticated ISYS search facility and given groups the ability to post their own news items. 
2.   Appointment to CSNSEG Committee
SPCA was appointed to the CSNSEG Committee [Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group], being 1 of 3 Peak Lobby Groups alongside Lone Fathers Association, and Dads in Distress (Dids). Meeting Monthly and Bi-monthly to workshop and discuss progress with the Family Relationships Centres, Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court.
3.   Presentations to Various Groups about the Child Support Reforms
Public meetings held in Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle and other areas. Meeting in Perth WA with Minister Senator Joe Ludwig and the West Australian stakeholder group representatives.
4.   Advisories Compiled
Numerous advisories were compiled and sent to the FACSIA Working Party with respect to Child Support, emerging issues and suggested improvements.
5.   Attended Training Sessions
SPCA Executives attended training sessions through FACSIA about the Child Support Changes, to keep abreast of developments and inform our members and the public with the latest information.
6.   National Peak Body for Men and Boys
SPCA key involvement in the Steering Committee and formation of the National Peak Body for Men and Boys Health and Wellbeing; to work to improve all aspects of physical, mental and social health and wellbeing which are vital issues of importance to males and Australian Families and Society at large.
7.   NSW Birth Certificate Legislation
SPCA campaigned to modify NSW Parliamentary Legislation passing through the House which removes the Natural Biological Father from Birth Certificates. The lobbying by SPCA, along with other interest groups,  was instrumental in seeing some improvement to the legislation whereby the word "Father" and "paternity Leave" were not removed from 57 separate Acts of Parliament as was originally intended.
8.   SPCA Joins The Law Council of Australia
SPCA was accepted as a member of The Law Council of Australia; Families Division. This gives the SPCA a greater voice in putting forward our views about Family Law Policy and Legislation.
9.   Rice and Asplund Cases (The authoritative change of circumstance case)
The SPCA has prepared a soon to be released review of Rice and Asplund " Change of Circumstances" cases for submission to the Family Court of Australia. In the Review, SPCA addresses the problematic area of returning to court to revise parent contact arrangements.
10. Relocation in Family Law
SPCA submitted a paper/proposal to the Federal Attorney General regarding Relocation in Family Law where parents and the courts are faced with the dilemma of relocation and its affect on maintain contact and shared parenting.
11. Self-Represented Litigants Program
A close alliance has been fostered between SPCA and the Self-Represented Litigants (SRL) group and program whereby SPCA jointly assisted numerous persons in Court Cases and with their individual Child Support issues. The Honourable Deputy Chief Justice has been a supporter of SRL reforms to enable the SRL to better prepare. We have also further enhanced our relationships with key major lobby groups

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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I would like to congratulate the SPCA for the efforts this past year on all of the 11 topics.

It is organisations like these that bring changes, being in the best interests of all, men, women and children.

Thank you SPCA.

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