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Megaphone is back..bigger and better!

Use the Megaphone now to send over 400 personalised emails to Canberra in minutes. Last time we managed to send 250,000 emails to our federal politicians

 Folks, last time we managed to send 250,000 emails to our federal politicians about our concerns on family law reform. We caused a great stir in Canberra and as a result Fathers4Equality was invited to inquiries, meetings, discussions etc, etc, etc. I personally also received quite a lot of calls from party bureaucrats themselves demanding that I switch this ***Megaphone thing off***

My response has always been.."we would have nothing to complain about if someone tried to genuinely address our concerns for once."

Since that is not happening, we have a right to our freedom of speech in this country, so let's use it!

Isys said
Click the link to really make a difference… Use the Megaphone now!
I am confident we can do better than 250,000 emails this time round, but I will need everyones help. We have only 3 weeks to go before the election, so start now.

***Please note that one click will send close to 400 personalised emails, not only to every sitting federal politician, but also to almost every candidate for a lower house seat and upper house seat.

So start sending using the link above , and please copy/paste and forward these email / links to anyone who can help.

Megaphone –>
To participate in this forum topic —>
Remember you will be sending emails to both supporters and objectors to our cause, so make it clear who you are complaining about, otherwise it will cause confusion amongst those reading your email.
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