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Equal Parenting Day

Annual Rally outside the Family Courts


I would like to flag the idea of an Equal Parenting Day for which we rally outside Family Courts.

It could be held during a lunch hour around December 20th each year. It is important to be on a weekday so that not only are Family Court staff present, but the media are available to cover the story (weekends usually have skeleton staffing). It would be school holidays so some of us could have our kids with us.

I know some Dads' Groups have been against activism of this kind. I suspect other people believe that it is not a good idea because we may not get the numbers and then it would look weak.

There is another argument that we can be more productive "whiteanting" - ie quietly lobbying from witihin, than overt demonstrations which can arouse the sleeping dog and get the radical feminists to step up a gear.

A further argument is that if we look like a bunch of angry (ugly) dads, we might lose support.

I would like to hear what other people think about this idea. I think the rally can be really positive. We can be happy and creative. We can have lots of poignant banners. We can have street theatre. We can get a lot of media attention.

At the moment a Presumption of Equal Parenting Time is not on the media or political agenda. Rad fems prefer it that way becasue they know our arguments (ie "WHY NOT ?&quot are strong. This would be a good way to get our case onto the political and media agenda. If we have an Equal Parenting Day at the same time each year, we can prepare for it all year long.

Cheers, Geoff

Coordinator, Equal Parenting Movement

Co-director, Fathers4Equality

I am up for the Rally

I personally believe street action is vital…a peaceful but firm rally will have to happen.  I am with you on this one

Equal Parenting Day Rally

Great Steve,

As Ron said, the Family Court is likely to be closed in December.  The next holidays are Easter which have a lot of public holidays so people tend to go away.

Maybe the June school holidays would be best.


Coordinator, Equal Parenting Movement

Co-director, Fathers4Equality

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