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Domestic Violence Inquiry

Inquiry into protection of Woman

Woman given voice about Domestic Violence

In response to Rob Duff's quote of Mr Hulls:

"With reference to this quote from you therein: "It is absolutely important that we do everything that we can to encourage women to speak out," he [Mr Hulls] said."

Woman are given a voice and victim status while men are perpetrated as the 'perpetrators' with no voice.

This inquiry may or may not have been known to you, but needs your input to give it a proper understanding of;

1. the amount of Domestic Violence (DV) claimed by woman that is not true,

2. the amount of DV perpetrated by woman men do not report,

3. the amount of DV perpetrated by woman men are ridiculed for attempting to report DV,

4. how the State Court and lawyers treat men reporting DV (they are thrown out),

5. how often men are told to plead guilty to DV when they did not commit DV,

6. how often men are told to plead guilty to DV when it was the woman who committed the DV.

7. How often woman fabricate evidence of DV and rely on false claims DV occurred but was not reported (mainly Family Court applicable),

8. Dr Warburton's findings in regard to Toxic Behaviour, and the collation of toxic behaviour to DV,

9. Mens words are needed to get a balanced view of what woman are joining together in to abuse and control the children and men.  

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Timetable for the Inquiry

The ALRC is planning to release one or two consultation papers for community debate and feedback. These consultation papers will be free and available online, in hard copy format and on CD.

- 24 July 2009   Release of formal Terms of Reference.
- TBC                Release of consultation document/s
- 31 July 2010   Final report and recommendations due to be delivered to the Attorney-General.

Please note: the report will not be publicly available until it is tabled in Parliament.

Scope of the reference

In undertaking this reference, the Commission should be careful not to duplicate:

a) the other actions being progressed as part of the Immediate Government Actions announced by the Prime Minister on receiving the National Council's report in April 2009;

b) the evaluation of the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 reforms being undertaken by the Australian Institute of Family Studies; and

c) the work being undertaken through SCAG on the harmonisation of uniform evidence laws, in particular the development of model sexual assault communications immunity provisions and vulnerable witness protections.


Considering the scale of violence affecting Australian women and their children and acknowledging the Australian Government's commitment to developing a National Plan through COAG for release in 2010, the Commission will report no later than 31 July 2010.

Dated: 17 July 2009

Robert McClelland

Mr Robert Duff says:

"I would like to point out that, according the ABS Personal Safety Survey, 30.54% of criminal level assaults that occur in the home, between opposite sex couples, are cases of women assaulting men."

Criminal level assaults; is an important wording because judges rely on this fact to determine if DV has occurred against a man. Hence they claim a woman cannot commit DV because they vary rarely create the evidence for criminal level assaults.

It is also true a man acting in defence of his life or person will create criminal level assaults because woman bruise while men do not as easily.
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