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(Rob D) Desley Boyle, Qld Minister for Child Safety

Desley Boyle, Qld Minister for Child Safety

From Rob:

Some good news.
I think my personal appeal
to the Minister [Qld] worked.
I received a long letter from
the Dept of Child Safety
in response to my request
that 'Parental Alienation'
be considered a form of Child Abuse

and secondarily
that simply being a child in
a 'custody battle'
is being abused
and that therefore
pre-emptive counselling and testing
for children
as well as adults
be automatically activated 
in all cases of contested custody.

They supplied a very detailed expression
of their concerns, criteria and methodology
reasonably satisfactorily
addressing the issues I had raised
-        hard copy only -
-        sorry guys I am not going to type that up for you.

But more importantly I think
Appended to the letter was a hand written note
from the Minister herself
saying what a personal concern it was of hers
using both the terms 'Parental Alienation'
and 'Relational Aggression' in context
demonstrating that she was not simply
batting them back to me.

I am currently drafting a thank you note
If anybody has any spare cash
I think it would be nice to buy
2 bunches of flowers
(inner and outer office)
and drop them off at Desley's Office
in Spence St
Cairns people only obviously

Coordinator, Equal Parenting Movement

Co-director, Fathers4Equality

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