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The danger of dealing with someone with Personality Disorders

an extract of a much longer paper

This is a short extract of a much longer discussion paper that I have written, given my amateur interest in the psychology of "high conflict" families.
People with personality disorders make extremely good liars because what they are doing is not actually lying. What is happening is that they are subject to cognitive distortions - incorrect thinking and perception. Since their distortions are usually obvious to others as extreme and unlikely, they escalate their emotions to try to persuade others that they are victims.

When an ex no longer supports their cognitive distortions, this feels extremely threatening to the sufferer. These campaigns often involve spreading rumours to the ex partner's extended family members, professionals (therapist, doctor, accountant, and so forth), community, and eventually to the courts.

Sufferers of personality disorders also generate false information from the way that a situation makes them "feel". The rationale being if it feels true, it must be true.

In a court situation, without a history of the person's interpersonal behaviour, these emotional facts are often persuasive.  These facts include exaggerations, twisted conclusions, and non-existent events. The Borderline or Narcissist may adamantly believe these emotional facts, even when no one else does.
To better understand your ex, if they refuse to disengage from high conflict behaviours, read further on the subjects of personality disorders.

While it is not a silver bullet, it may help you deal better with and forecast their actions.

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