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Media hypes up violence by fathers

Why is it that the media hypes up violence by fathers? I've been watching this topic online for some time and it is clear to me that if a man commits a violent crime against children it receives a higher media profile that lasts longer on the main news site's homepages - when compared to violence by women. If the media reflects societies' values then this indicates that there is a prevalent view that men are more likely to be monsters when it comes to kids.

It is this view that is driving the change in Family Law, to roll back the shared parenting changes bought in by the Howard Government.

I've actually started collecting links on violence commited by women to challenge this view.

What can we do to educate people and the media?


What you are doing is a good start

Unfortunately Family Violence and Child Abuse have to a certain extent been hijacked as trump cards by interest groups within the community. While making it absolutely clear that I abhor violence by men against women, I also abhor violence by women against men and by men against men and by women against women. My opinion about violence, abuse and neglect against children is mostly unprintable and there is no excuse including hormones.

Family Violence and the abuse and neglect of children is a communty problem which both damages the victims and costs the community dearly in the clean up. It needs to be addressed in a non gender way then we might have a chance at making significant inroads on the problem(s).

Interestingly, the statistics are showing an alarming increase in the number of women being charged with violent crimes (including family violence) over the past decade or so. This may be because women are committing more violence or maybe the authorities are more willing to prosecute or it could be a combination of both.

Whatever the reality, the story needs to be told - so collecting and categorizing stories in a gender neutral way would contribute to re-educating both the community and the decision makes to the reality of violence and abuse.

Remember to collect both sides - otherwise it will get categorized as biased.

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I have a query.

I am aware that family violence actually does exist, both physically and emotionally by both men and women and there are often occasion that this violence is in the presence of children within the relationship. Whilst I agree that this behavior in the presence of children is unacceptable and should be considered as violence against children I am also aware that, although it does unfortunately occur, that in these circumstances it is rare that such violence is committed directly against children. That being said what is the propensity for this violence to be committed against the children once the parents are seperated and is there any research on this? It might also be interesting to see the research on which parent commits "child abuse" as opposed to "spousal abuse".

My main question is how to deal with these issues in a Family Law context? Is it a case of they committed violence against me so it must mean that they will do the same to the children. Is there anything to support this? Is there anything to the contrary?

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The question that needs to be asked is what is family violence?
Does a screaming match between parties subject the children to family violence? Yes!
Is it family violence when a child witnesses its parents in a physical brawl? Yes!
Is emotional abuse, family violence? Yes!  
This is the definition under the Family Law Act:
 family violence means conduct, whether actual or threatened, by a person towards, or towards the property of, a member of the persons family that causes that or any other member of the persons family reasonably to fear for, or reasonably to be apprehensive about, his or her personal wellbeing or safety.


that's true,   violence actually does exist, both physically and emotionally. But we should think it will effect our children life. So whatever the confusion in the family try to talk to each other, because sharing the emotion will solve the problem very soon.

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If someone is afraid of spider, does it mean that a spider commits (domestic) violence?
tadeuszk191 said
If someone is afraid of spider, does it mean that a spider commits (domestic) violence?
I don't think a spider would stay around to accept service and in any event the respective state legislation does not make any reference to Arachnids that I can see. It is well worth looking around on the site for the respective state legislation on domestic violence and especially take a look at any searches for ALRC (Australian Law reform Commission) in both forums and news sections. We should have their first report any day now. DV is a big topic and there is little escape from the wide sweeping arms of the many provisions in the State Acts. Unfortunately the line in the sand, when the legislation comes up for review, is very thin and we are few voices against a lumbering monolithic system. Feel free to make submissions when the next round of submissions to the ALRC is called for. It won't be far away.  

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